Nanduba English Academy - A CBSE School


Details of documents required for admission:

For Nursery to Class-I to submit the following documents along with the form.

For Class-2 to 8 to be submitted along with the following document form.

Note:  Admission will be canceled if the information provided by parents is found to be incorrect or inappropriate. Admission will be canceled if the information given by parents

Rules for admission

  1. Students should always come to school on time. Coming to school only in the uniform prescribed by the school.
  2. Students should always do homework and obey staff and teachers.
  3. For any questions or suggestions regarding education, get a letter from the institution and meet face to face.
  4. In case of any kind of damage or accident to the children studying here, the institution or the staff of the institution will not be responsible for it.
  5. A child who is canceled midway from school will not get a refund of school fees.
  6. A student who is absent in the examination will not be re-examined later.
  7. Assignments, practical work and other academic work as decided in the school will have to be done as usual.
  8. The parent of a student who damages school property will be responsible for paying for the damage.
  9. No student should be sent to school with bike, watch, mobile or valuable jewellery. However, if someone breaks the rules, the guardian will be responsible for it.
  10. Parents should not go to the classroom during the ongoing school. The parent has to meet the class teacher and the subject teacher face to face at the time specified by the school.
  11. When parents of students who perform poorly in school tests, examinations are called to meet face to face in the school at the appointed time and date, the parent should regularly come face to face.
  12. All school staff should be treated with civility. If a parent misbehaves, their child will be given a school leaving certificate.
  13. Your change of address or telephone number must be reported to the school office immediately without delay.
  14. To actively cooperate with the school by involving the child in co-curricular activities of the school like sports, writing, acting competitions, festivals, cultural programs and educational tours etc. So that the school can easily develop the physical, mental and intellectual development of the child.
  15. Do not send the child to school if he is suffering from diseases like measles, chicken pox, chicken pox, jaundice, and the parent should inform the school in a written application along with the medical certificate of sick children.
  16. In future the new rules which may come up in the school subject to circumstances will have to be followed strictly and precisely.
  17. The institute is always striving to develop your children physically and mentally to make them bright and good citizens. Therefore, every parent should strictly follow all the rules of the institution and cooperate with the shift managers.
  18. All the above rules are valid and fully binding on me and my child.